India vs Pakistan CWC 2019 - Is it just another game ?

Welcome to all the reader, this time we went little different in our post to understand different stats for this very big match between India vs Pakistan. We will predict the outcome using the various data metrics we collected for these matches.

Lets first see how both teams performed in this World Cup.


  IND vs NZ @ Trent Bridge
  IND 352/5 (50) vs 316 (50) AUS @ London
  SA 227/9 (50) vs 230/4 (47.3) IND @ Southampton


  AUS 307 (49) vs 266 (45.4) PAK @ Taunton
  PAK vs SL @ Bristol County Ground
  PAK 348/8 (50) vs 334/9 (50) ENG @ Trent Bridge
  PAK 105 (21.4) vs 108/3 (13.4) WI @ Trent Bridge

Today's match is being played at Old Trafford, Manchester. This is the first match which gonna played in this ground in this Current World Cup.

We will check the current weather report as most matches have been washed out in the current edition of WC.

India's match against New Zealand at Trent Bridge on Thursday was the fourth match of World Cup 2019 to be abandoned so far, and the third to be called off without a ball being bowled.

This has already surpassed the previous highest number of washed-out matches in a World Cup - two in 1992 and 2003. Will we have another one today? Let's hope not!

What Met dept had to say about the weather.

Early bid🐦 catches the ... best of the sunshine⛅️ on Sunday; heavy showers🌦️ will become more widespread through the morning.


More chances of the match will be played with an overcast condition or light showers.

Head - to- Head in WC


All the cricket frenzy knows this India never lost against Pakistan in ICC WC

This makes the chances of team India Winning Percentage to 80 % giving Pakistan a mild chance.

What will be a good score if India Bats First?

The average score of the last 5 years on this soil seems to be less when compared with other grounds.

So anything past 280-300 will be a very good score to defend.

If India bats second they have to bowl well to restrict Pakistan below 250 and also need to bat well.

At Old Trafford

Total ODI Matches:  17
Won by Team Batting First:  8
Won by Team Bowling First:  8
Average 1st Inn Score:  217
Average 1st Inn Winning Score:  264

Indian Batsman vs Pakistan Bowler - who will play a crucial role?

Player to watch out for:

Rohit Sharma vs Amir

Most Important Indian Bowler.

Player to watch out for:

Bumrah vs Zaman/Azam

Final Prediction

India (70%) - Pakistan (25%) - Washout (5%)

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