Step by Step Guide to Setup Android 5.0 Lollipop Sdk in Eclipse

Steps to Set Up and Install Android 5.0 SDK Lollipop Emulator

The new android is out! The new Android 5.0 has lots of things in box for developers. For development to start we need to set up the environment with the latest SDK from Android.

In this tutorial we are going to set up android SDK for Api 21 that is the Android 5.0.So we will follow step by step guide to set up the SDK.

let's start

Android 5.0 SDk Setup

Step 1 -Download the Android SDK installer from: Android SDK Download. We’re going to use the Windows version here.
Andorid 5.0 Sdk install Step 1

Step 2 -Install the Android SDK files you just downloaded to any location.

Step 3 -Now, go the installed location and run the “SDK Manager” application.

NOTE: If you have downloaded the zipped version of SDK, go to the location where you extracted the zip archive.

Step 4 -Wait for the application to load and fetch all the Android SDK packages.

Android 5.0 SDK setup step4

Step 5 -Once completed, now select the packages you want to install. Here, we willbe only selecting the “Android 5.0 (API 21)” and “Android SDK Platform-tools” (underTools). You can leave the “Extras“.This should be enough. 

Android 5.0  lollipop Sdk setup  step 5

Step 6 -Click on “Install packages…”. You will be prompted to confirm the packages you chose to install and you would have to agree to the License information to proceed.

Step 7 -Click on the Install button and now wait for the all the packages to download and install.

Next we are going to setup the emulator so that u can run the android 5.0 apps

Step 8 - Go back to the SDK manager and run "AVD Manager" and set up as in the screenshot .

Step 9 - Select the Device You created and run it. That it. You will find the  virtual emulator running up!

Step 10 - Most important step share this guide with Other developers so that they can also set up the SDk Hassle free.

Start developing apps for Android 5.0
Happy coding!

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Alex said…
Thanks for posting this helpful guide.
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Thanks for posting this helpful guide for Android 5.0 SDK Lollipop Emulator...

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hitesh chikani said…
thank you so much :)
Maddy said…
Thanks helped me a lot :)
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Your blog is super fast I was searching for this on Google and only result was your !! Thanks for posting
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Nice blog! Good post!!
Massimo Nardone said…
Hi there. Do you have the same problem such as when you create a new Android Application project it still show the text Compile with API 21: Android 4.x (Preview). It should show the API 21 Android 5. Do you know why?
shabbir dhangot said…

Follow this link

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