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Hello guys!
First of all thanks to all the reader of our blog.I wanted to share the details of our blog and want to present a new gift to our lucky subscribers!


We have brought a offer to our subscribers .We have prepared a sets of tutorials as an ebook which we would like to give as a free gift to some of our lucky subscriber during this one month period.Already some of the subscribers have got this ebook into their inbox at the start of the month and we would like to give more fo it to new subscriber as well.

"All you have to do this is subscribe to our site and like our facebook or twitter page" .
we will mail you the ebook straight into your Inbox.T&C applied.

Our Subscriber list has just reached toward 4000+ mark ,If you are the one missing the updates from our site directly into your inbox subscribe here.The Email is delivered using RSS feedburner.

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Some statistics of our blog:
As you know that our blog is still hosted in Google blogger.we are going to move to new domain soon.
Daily pageviews:      3000 or more
Monthly pageviews: 70k pageviews
Subscribers: Nearly 4000 subscriber

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