Tips to make a sucessful app that will be loved

So you are ready for your first app to develop .Make sure to check out the factors how sucessful apps are made.The success doesn't depends on how much the app earns .They depends on different factors their Quality for users,how they works and more.So this post is just an research of what i got of sucessful apps. 
So,Lets  go...

Screen Resolution

With the advent of so many new cell phones in the market, each coming with different features, display screens and resolutions, it is going to be impossible for you to assess the ideal resolution your app should have.
Putting in too many features on your app will only make the problem worse. The trick to tackle this issue, therefore, is to put as little information as possible on the display screen and then make it bigger.

"Android owners use their device differently than iPhone owners. Make sure your design principals match the operating system you are designing for. One size doesn’t fit all ".


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Cover as Many Platforms as Possible
Every day users access apps across multiple devices and platforms — desktop, Web, smartphone and tablet — often covering all platforms in one day. Entrepreneurs need to make sure their app is available, functional and attractive across as many devices and platforms as possible.

Colors and Contrast

The latest mobile phones with LCD screens come with amazing color and contrast capabilities. This tempts the programmer to use nuanced colors, without realizing that mobile phones are meant to be carried everywhere and used in all light conditions. Poor light conditions can make it difficult for the user to perceive these subtle colors, actually making it more difficult for them to read the info on the screen.

 Android owners use their device differently than iPhone owners. Make sure your design principals match the operating system you are designing for. One size doesn’t fit all.

Try for an Offline Adventure

Some of the hottest app designs are lauded for their usability when the consumer is not actually online. Apps like WorkFlowy and Evernote work seamlessly even when the consumer is not connected to WiFi or another signal. This is a design practice that entrepreneurs and their development teams should think about as they plan their apps. Think ahead about how the app works in the offline mode.

Convenience the utter importance

With any mobile app or mobile website, the sole concern should be, “Am I making the end user’s life more convenient and easy?” Human-centered design, a common process in the development of physical products, is often left out of the digital space.  Design with your end user by seeking input at every step of the way and putting yourself in their shoes.

Important to go on one way

The biggest design mistake app developers make is trying to fit too many features into one small screen. Your app should have ONE primary purpose. Be crystal clear in your mind about what that is, and then hit your user over the head with it. Don’t present the user with options and hope she’ll pick the right one. Instead, guide her through the exactly ONE experience you want her to have.

Testing in mobile apps is a bit of a new field, but it can be extremely impactful. Check out platforms like Artisan to power these tests. Try out the testing for different platform ,check for UI relateds issues and keep testing .

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Nice tips but can u suggest app that are successful with

UI is the concern for different devices and nice tip of not giving lots of functionality into one apps else it woulds make app more sluggish .

"Cover as Many Platforms as Possible" Please describe the 'how' part. This is killing me!

You either need to choose a common platform like HTML (and accept all of the baggage that comes with it), or you need multiple codebases (one per platform).