Good Books to Learn Android Development

Most of my reader want to know which is GOOD Books to learn Android Programming.

Readers Questions:
"I'm looking for a book that can teach me how to develop for Android.
I am not completely new to development, however I need something to make my basis stronger"

"Please suggest me the best Android App books. I am new learner of Android. I know OOPS concepts and Core JAVA. Please give URLs of E-books if any." 
and many more ..

So,this post will provide you with the List of Books that can be refered:

I know one great book on Android that worth reading. It is The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development by Mark Murphy: .This book is updated very often. You can get the latest version . It covers all the features and the latest Android versions. . So it is a strong addition to the Android official docs.

Hungry for More?
You can get more Books from Stackoverflow List

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venkat said…
I would like to disagree with head first into android. The book is decapricated/ or whatever, they aren't going to maintain it anymore and its only like at version 3 with a crap load of errors.

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