Android Studio Shortcuts you should know

In this series, we will go from very basic productivity tricks that everyone should know to more advanced topics in Android Studio. 

The following tables list keyboard shortcuts for common operations.

Note: If you're using Mac OS X, update your keymap to use the Mac OS X 10.5+ version keymaps under Android Studio > Preferences > Keymap.

Programming key commands

Command look-up (autocomplete command name) 
  •  CTRL + SHIFT + A 

Project quick fix 
  • ALT + ENTER 

Reformat code
  • CTRL + ALT + L (Win)
  • OPTION + CMD + L (Mac)

Show docs for selected API 
  • CTRL + Q (Win)
  • F1 (Mac)

Show parameters for selected method 
  • CTRL + P

Generate method 
  • ALT + Insert (Win)
  • CMD + N (Mac)

Jump to source 
  • F4 (Win)
  • CMD + down-arrow (Mac)

Delete line 
  • CTRL + Y (Win)
  • CMD + Backspace (Mac)

Search by symbol name 
  • CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + N (Win)
  • OPTION + CMD + O (Mac)
Project and editor key commands

  • CTRL + F9 (Win)
  • CMD + F9 (Mac)

Build and run 
  • SHIFT + F10 (Win)
  • CTRL + R (Mac)

Toggle project visibility 

  • ALT + 1 (Win)
  • CMD + 1 (Mac)

Navigate open tabs 
  • ALT + left-arrow; ALT + right-arrow (Win)
  • CTRL + left-arrow; CTRL + right-arrow (Mac)

Open Class File Symbol

Open class
  • CTRL+N(win)
  • CMD+O(mac)

Open file
  • CTRL+SHIFT+n(win)
  • CMD+SHIFT+o (mac)

Open Symbol

Recent Files Opened
  • CTRL+E(win)
  • CMD+E(mac)

Recently edited files

  • CTRL+SHIFT+E(win)
  • CMD+SHIFT+E(mac)

Previous Next/Previous Error

  • SHIFT-F2/F2(win)

Last edited Location
  • CTRL+SHIFT+backspace(win)
  • CMD+SHIFT+backspace(mac)

Line Number

Imagine that your colleague just told you that the juicy part is in ExcitingClass at line 23. You can open the file directly by appending a “:” to the class name in the Open Class dialog. e.g.:
You can also combine it with partial matching and type something like:

Go to Declaration
  • CTRL+B(win)
  • CMD+B(mac)
Go to Super
  • CTRL+U(win)
  • CMD+Y(mac)
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Thanks for the shortcuts! They do save me alot of time...
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Very nice. For "Show parameters for selected method", should the command actually be cmd+P instead of ctrl+P?