In-depth Explained Simple Linear Regression from Scratch - Part 1

In my opinion, most Machine Learning tutorials aren’t beginner-friendly enough. It very math-heavy or it doesn't help you with the algorithms behind it. In this post, we are going to do the simple Linear Regression from scratch. We will see the mathematical intuition behind it and we write the code from scratch + test it and I'm super excited to get started!!

Ready? Let’s jump in.
Let's get the intro done!
The simplest form of the linear regression model is also the linear function of the input variables. However, we can obtain a much more useful class of functions by taking linear combinations of a fixed set of nonlinear functions of the input variables, known as basis functions. Such models are linear functions of the parameters, which gives them simple analytical properties and yet can be nonlinear with respect to the input variables.

The Motivation For most applications, knowing that such a linear relationship exists isn’t enough. We’ll want to understand the nature of the r…

Overview Guide To Tensorflow 2.x with Examples

The most concise and complete explanation of what TensorFlow is can be found at ( and it highlights every important part of the library.

TensorFlow is an open-source software library for high-performance numerical computation.

Its flexible architecture allows easy deployment of computation across a range of platforms (CPUs, GPUs, and TPUs), from desktops to clusters of servers, to mobile and edge devices.

Originally developed by researchers and engineers from the Google Brain team within Google's AI organization, it comes with strong support for machine learning and deep learning,and therefore the flexible numerical computation core is employed across many other scientific domains.

In this blog post, we are going to see the basics for TensorFlow 2.x. This can be used as getting started guide to learn and understand it.

I'm not going to cover the installation/Setup of the Jupyter part as this can be found online easily.

How to Install TF2.0

We will see ho…

Create a CRUD Restful Service API using Flask + Mysql [in 7 minutes!]

In this article, we will learn how to build Simple Restful API with flask and Mysql that have capabilities to create, read, update, and delete data from the database.

Flask being a microframework provides the flexibility of the data source for applications and also provides library support for interacting with different kinds of data sources. There are libraries to connect to SQL- and NoSQL-based databases in Flask.

Creating a Flask Application with SQLAlchemy Flask-SQLAlchemy is an extension for flask which adds support for SQLAlchemy to the application. SQLAlchemy is a Python toolkit and Object Relational Mapper that provides access to the SQL database using Python. SQLAlchemy comes with enterprise-level persistence patterns and efficient and high performing database access. 
Flask-SQLAlchemy provides support for the following SQL-based database engines given the appropriate DBAPI driver is installed:
PostgreSQLMySQLOracleSQLiteMicrosoft SQL ServerFirebird Sybase We’ll be using MySQL as …

Error and Exception Handling using Try/catch in powershell

One of the most important components for creating PowerShell scripts is error and exception handling.
I've personally made mistakes while writing scripts without proper exceptions and trying to figure out why it got terminated.😵 
Error and exception handling is often a forgotten component of scripting because it's common to feel that the code should always execute linearly and in an implicit fashion.

This is due to the common practice of taking the small scripts and using them as starting points for more complex scripts. 
The more complex you build your scripts, the higher the probability of failure 🠝 and unexpected results.

In this post, you will learn the following: Types of errorDifferent ways to handle ExceptionsError and exception handling with parametersDifferent ActionsError and exception handling with Try/Catch

PowerShell has two different types of errors which are terminating and non-terminating.

Terminating errors will stop the script from executing further com…